MINNEAPOLIS - Pillsbury Pedal Power is led by elementary kids from Pillsbury Elementary School in Minneapolis. The group meets twice a week to ride and share their skills.

A special group of junior coaches have led the group into winter biking. Recently Afnaan, Hailey, Melissa, Manny, Salmon, Luismario, and Cherica presented at the Winter Cycling Congress. They taught about cycling safety and led public cycling through more than 15 miles of snowy streets.

The Winter Cycling Congress included delegates from around the country and the world including Finland, Canada, Kansas and Oregon. It was the first time that the Congress was held in the United States. Pillsbury Pedal Power was invited to share their expertise with delegates and lead two winter biking treks.

The group was started five years ago when teachers Mark Trumper and Susan Tuck realized many of the kids at Pillsbury didn't own bikes or know how to ride bikes. Now there's no stopping this amazing group of cyclists.