Imagine a robot that can remind seniors to take their medication and to help them find their glasses.

Toy maker Hasbro and Brown University received a $1 million grant to design a robotic cat with artificial intelligence.

It's been on the market for two years and is designed to be a companion for seniors.

"There's a lot to it if you keep folks socially connected or inter-generationally connected," said Ted Fischer, Hasbro Vice President of Business Development.

The goal is to help older adults perform simple tasks. Researchers at Brown are working to figure out which tasks the cat can perform. Hasbro says the project would help older adults live in their own homes longer.

"I haven't met too many people who are like I can't wait to move into a senior living community. Obviously, everybody wants to age in place and live in their home for as long as they can," Fischer added.

Hasbro has built a global reputation as a toymaker but the company says it's about creating a play experience for people of all ages.

"There isn't a lot of people focusing on the joy, happiness, fun and play side of aging and I think here at Hasbro that's what we think about every single day," Fischer said.

Hasbro says it wants to keep it affordable but says it is too early to know how much it would cost.