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SANDWICH GENERATION: Baby boomers transition from career jobs to meaningful engagement

Adults 50 plus explore encore career opportunities.

PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Many Minnesotans in the Sandwich Generation are in the midst of wrapping up their careers.

But, not all are looking for a traditional retirement. Instead, people over 50 are starting businesses, re-careering and moving into the nonprofit sector as volunteer leaders and even as employees. 

Experts say navigating this transition can be difficult, which is why several local organizations like the University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative, or UMAC, have started working directly with area boomers as they look for their what’s next.

UMAC is an innovative pathway for experienced professionals as they transition from career jobs into opportunities for meaningful engagement and social impact. A powerful approach to learning for people of all ages, UMAC combines scholarship with active learning in an intergenerational context.

UMAC is currently accepting applications for the 2019-20 cohort. For more information about UMAC, call at 612-624-3100.