Summers are short in Minnesota, and working out indoors seems like a wasted opportunity. 

How about taking inside exercises outdoors? The YMCA's Jennifer Menk visited KARE 11 News at 11 with two fit seniors and a bunch of ideas for outside workouts, beginning with yoga.

Menk says yoga can enhance your body, mind and spirit to support whole life well-being, and it  be enjoyed at any age and be done in the outdoors. Yoga enhances whole person well-being: 

Mind: The breathing can help you manage stress and feel more centered and calm; Spirit:  The flowing motions can lift your energy and mood throughout the day.

Body:  The stretching helps your movements feel more fluid and joints more flexible yielding reduced pain and increased functional fitness. 

Plus, yoga is especially great outside because it requires few props and the deep breathing can really emphasize the beauty of taking in fresh air. 

Other options include a bike ride, walk, swim or Tai Chi. If you typically use a treadmill or recumbent cycle, taking your walk or ride outside can provide a nice variety of terrain providing extra strength and balance work while being closer to mother nature. A simple exercise band can be tucked in a pocket, or you can use body weight and a park bench for squats and planks.

Visit the YMCA Minnesota website for more ideas.