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Happy 100th Birthday, Marjorie Johnson!

The "Blue Ribbon Baker" from Robbinsdale, MN turns 100 today.
Credit: Marjorie Johnson's Facebook Page

Beloved local baker, eternal optimist and favorite recurring KARE 11 guest Marjorie Johnson has a big milestone to celebrate today. She's officially been gracing the world with her sweetness and enthusiasm for a century.

In a recent video posted to her Facebook page, that doubles as a motivational speech, she said "In my mind I'm only 40 because this is my philosophy in life...when I turned 40, I thought 'I'm exactly the same as when I was 39. I love everything I do, I have all this energy, I have all this enthusiasm, zest for life and I'm in wonderful health'...I'm just going to be that way every year, and I have!" 

Marjorie continued, "I feel like a million everyday. When I wake up, I think 'Oh what wonderful thing is going to happen today? What email or who's going to call me?'"

And she offered words to live by: "Your mind is so powerful; you can be whatever you want to be. You're a master of yourself." 

Marjorie has won thousands of blue ribbons over the years for her baked goodies. She has also made appearances on national television such as the 'Tonight Show' and 'The Talk.'

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Here are some of our favorite moments with Marjorie in recent years: 

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