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RECIPE: Brisket Mac Stack from CW's Bar and Grill

The Bloomington restaurant is serving up new items this spring.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — CW's Bar and Grill is a new bar in Bloomington located at 8301 Normandale Boulevard. They opened in November and managed about 12 days of business before the second shutdown through the holidays.

They are now open for dine-in options and have social distancing and safety measures in place. They also have private rooms available for rental.

The new CW's menu starts this week and they're upgrading to a more unconventional bar food menu

The new menu includes items like Brisket Mac Stack: 14 hour smoked brisket, house-made mac & cheese, BBQ sauce and bacon sandwiched between garlic buttered Texas toast.

RECIPE: Brisket Mac Stack

Texas toast  2 slices

Cavatappi pasta  3 ounces

Mac sauce  2 ounces

Bacon  2 ounces

Garlic butter  1 ounce

Cheddar cheese  2 slices

Brisket  4.5 ounces

BBQ sauce  1 ounce

Spread garlic butter on one side of both slices of Texas toast. Place bread on the flattop, butter side down. Place a slice of cheddar cheese on each slice of toast and melt.

While bread is toasting mix your pasta with the mac sauce and spray a spot on the flattop with nonstick spray and fry the mac and cheese mixture.

Next place 2 slices of smoked brisket on the flattop and sear on both sides until hot, approximately 3 minutes total.

While mac and cheese and brisket are cooking take two strips of bacon and break in half and lay the 4 pieces next to each other on one side of toast. Flip mac and cheese like a pancake, the mac and cheese should be crispy on one side.

Place hot brisket on top of the bacon strips. Drizzle BBQ sauce on top of brisket and then place fried mac and cheese on top of the brisket. Place the other slice of toast on top and cut diagonally. Stack a slice on top of the other and stab sandwich with a pickle spear and bamboo skewer.

To view more of CW's Bar and Grill's menu, visit cwsbarandgrill.com.