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RECIPE: How to grill the perfect steak, chicken

Chef Brian Ingram from Woodfired Cantina shows off his recipes for Tomahawk Steak and Charred Spatchcock Chicken.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Chef Brian Ingram of Woodfired Cantina knows a thing or two about grilling a steak.

Ingram visited the KARE 11 backyard to demonstrate his grill techniques for cooking both steak and chicken.

Woodfired Cantina opens at Keg and Case on May 1. Billed as the only restaurant in Minnesota that does all its cooking on hard wood over open flames, the cantina has no other kitchen appliances besides at 32-foot wood-burning hearth.


32 oz Tomahawk Ribeye 

Barbacoa Salt

Salt 3 tbsp

Black Pepper 3 tbsp

Bay Leaf 1 each

Cinnamon 1 tsp

Garlic Salt 1 tsp

Dried Onion 1 tbsp

Clove ¼ tsp

Mix well and season steak 3 hours before grilling


Split Chicken

Seasoning Salt

Hickory Smoked Salt 3 tbsp

Tajin Spice 3 tbsp

Ground Cumin 1 tsp

Ground Ancho Chili 1 tsp

Ground Chipotle Chili 1 tsp

Lemon Pepper 1 tsp

Season chicken 3 hours before grilling