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Going 'dry' in January? Marvel Bar will have NA cocktails galore

Whether it's a choice you have made for the new year or a need, Marvel Bar in Minneapolis says it's excited to offer a new non-alcoholic cocktail menu.

MINNEAPOLIS — With the new year, many people are taking on new goals for 2020. Some are opting to do a "Dry January" by cutting out alcohol for the month. 

One Minneapolis cocktail bar is making that easier by offering a full menu of non-alcoholic cocktails from January to April. 

Tucked away behind The Bachelor Farmer in the North Loop neighborhood, Marvel Bar is characterized by the twinkle lights out front and an industrial looking "back door," for its entrance.

For 2020, the bar is also trying something new.

"There's definitely a trend that's happening where people who normally drink are giving up alcohol for the month of January, people who still drink are drinking less," Peder Schweigert said. Schweigert has been the General Manager and Spirits Director of Marvel Bar for the past four years or so.

He said as a part of their fifth exploration series, Marvel Bar is diving into the world of non-alcoholic cocktails. Schweigert said he was happy to give the new menu a go because he doesn't drink either.

"People want to drink stuff still that is interesting, that's exciting," he said. "The bar isn't necessarily by default a place where people drink spirits. It's a social space."

When asked if he worries about his bottom line with this decision, he said, "not necessarily, coffee shops stay in business. We're essentially serving people things that are liquids in glasses that are interesting no matter what."

Come next Wednesday, when they reopen with the new menu, you'll be able to see drinks like the Monarch.

"To me I get a lot of notes of really juicy, ripe watermelon," Schweigert described. Interestingly, there's no watermelon in the Monarch. No alcohol either. The Monarch is a simple recipe of sparkling water and homemade milkweed shrub, hence the name.

"It's got plenty of floral qualities, but it's more like a dry Riesling than a sweet Riesling," Schweigert said.

Most importantly, Schweigert said he's hoping people will feel welcome at Marvel no matter their preference or need.

"If your friends want to go meet somewhere at night, to take the word 'bar' out of it," he said. "This is a beautiful space, a comfortable space to be in and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable walking in."

Marvel Bar is currently closed for their employees' Winter Break. They will re-open next Wednesday, January 8th, with their new menu. They are not going completely alcohol-free though. Their regular cocktails will also be available. 

Exploration V, or Exploration Dry at Marvel runs from January to April.