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Grow with KARE: Bell Museum a great place for gardeners

The Bell Museum reopened in July of 2018 on the St. Paul campus of the U of M-Click here for the full story

The Bell Museum on the U of M St. Paul campus is Minnesota's official natural history museum and planetarium. This brand new home features a digital planetarium, high-tech exhibits, our famous wildlife dioramas, outdoor learning experiences and more.

Gardeners can spend hours looking at the beautiful array of dried plants that are on display.  This is a small sample of the 900,000 archived examples that the U of M have stored.  The most amazing thing is you can find out what grows and what used to grow in your area and learn more about the phenology of the place you call home by clicking on their website.

Bobby and Bel answered some questions from our Grow with KARE Facebook group in the video below: