The loss of a father is difficult for any family.

The Angel family lost their father, Albert, in June after a fight with a disease. Daughters Alina, 16, Aaralyn, 12, and Allani, 7, knew Christmas would be different.

Alina and her mother, Stephanie, wanted to do something for the two younger daughters and their grandmother.

The Angel family a few years ago. (Photo: Courtesy Angel family)

The family bought three teddy bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

On Christmas Day, the sisters were surprised with the bears. They bear included a recording of their father's voice. The bears were spritzed with their father's favorite Burberry cologne and they wore shirts made from a shirt that their father wore.

Alina and Stephanie gave the third bear to their grandmother.

When squeezed, the bears play a recording of Albert's voice. Albert is singing a song that was stuck in his head. Alina took the video a couple years earlier, and picked that recording because it was clear audio and he father's voice was very recognizable. Build-A-Bear Workshop sells these recording devices to add to its bears.

The song Albert sings in the recording is "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down," by Alabama. Alina said he loved oldies.

A family member took one of Albert's shirts and used the material to make three miniature shirts for the bears. Albert wore the shirt in one of the family's favorite photos.

The little girls received bears with shirts that made from their father's shirt. (Photo: Courtesy Angel family)

Albert died after a long fight with systemic lupus and several surgeries. The daughters' names all begin with "A" to honor their father.

The video on Twitter now has 1.2 million views. Alina said the reaction was supportive and heartwarming. She can't keep up with replying to all the people reaching out to her.

"I would have never expected that," Alina told 12 News. "Most of my videos get 6 views."

Many people who have watched the video have said they've cried and shared photos of them reacting to the bittersweet video.