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Special delivery: UPS driver plays hopscotch with Rochester kids

Teresa Angeli said the simple act of kindness showed her that "people are still wonderful and fun, and life will soon turn around."

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Small things can make a big impact, especially when a global pandemic turns things upside down by encouraging human distance instead of up-close kindness. 

Teresa Angeli of Rochester was in her kitchen recently when a UPS delivery driver left a package on her doorstep. Angeli looked out the window in time to see driver Jason Gruhlke navigating a hopscotch course her kids had drawn on the driveway, much to the delight of Alice and Jack. 

The moment was captured on her home's security camera, and Angeli was so moved she posted it on her Facebook account. 

"My first reaction was, wow, what a nice guy. He took the time to notice my kids and make them smile," Angeli told KARE 11. "I'm sure he (Gruhlke) is a busy guy, and we personally use UPS A LOT because of the pandemic. And I knew the kids would be so excited. Sure enough, they came running into the house 'Mom! Mom! The UPS guy did our hopscotch!'"

Angeli hasn't spoken to the UPS driver, but if she does, she knows what she'll say. 

"Thank you for making my kids smile during a time that is stressful for them because of the pandemic. They have been taught to 'stay away' from people because of COVID, and it has unfortunately put a little fear into them to be any kind of social at all. This gave them a little glimmer that people are still wonderful and fun, and life will soon turn around."