ID=77205096GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- You've got the cute dresses and outfits, the shoes and you're ready for those holiday photoshoots... what to do with junior's hair?

Here are some really cute ideas from Snip Its in Maple Grove!

Annie (Dutch side braid)

Step 1: Begin braiding at the hair line to the left of the center part.

Step 2: Continue the Dutch braid down the side of the head curving around behind the ear.

Step 3: Once the braid is completed and all hair is included, secure the end to the head with bobby pins and hair pins, add hair accents as desired (in Annie's hair we used jingle bell bobby pins and a pine sprig) Finally spray the style with Snip-its Amazing Hair Spray to hold the style in place.

Angell (Pull through Braid Updo)

Step 1: Begin pull through braid beginning in the center of the head and securing sections with small hair binders.

Step 2: Continue pull through braid all the way to the bottom of the hair, once braid is complete pull sections to make them as big or as small as you would like depending on how you want the braid to look.

Step 3: Roll the loose end of the braid up and secure to the head with bobby pins/hair pins. Then add any hair accessories of your choice (on Angell we used large pearl pins and a silver Christmas floral hair piece.) Finally, spray the style with Snip-its Amazing Hair Spray to hold it in place.

Olivia (Pin Curl Christmas tree)

Step 1: Section hair into five pony tails in pyramid formation on the back of head and curl each section.

Step 2: Roll each curl into a pin curl on the back of the head and secure with bobby pins.

Step 3: To complete the style add hair accessories of your choosing, in Olivia's hair we used red Crystals and a red glitter poinsettia hair piece. Finish the style by spraying with Snip-its Amazing Hair Spray to hold style in place.

Brooke (Bow Bun)

Step 1: Begin by parting the hair behind the ears around the head, and put the top section into a half pony tail.

Step 2: Separate the half pony and begin securing to the head with bobby pins. Leaving a section in the middle to use as the middle of the bow.

Step 3: Pin the center section over the binder to hide it, then spray the hair with Snip-its Amazing Hair Spray to avoid the style from falling and add any hair accents you would like, in Brooke's hair I used gold spirals and red glitter.

Blake (Fauxhawk/Clean cut Comb Over)

Step 1: Apply Snip Its Morning Miracle Spray Mousse to the hair and comb it through to evenly distribute throughout the hair.

Step 2: Add A little bit of Snip Its Funky Spiker Gel and/or Snip Its Wacky Wax, begin working the hair to the middle of the head for a fauxhawk, or working it toward the side if you're looking for a side styled comb over.

Step 3: Work the product and hair until you have a style of your desired look.