MINNEAPOLIS -- We all have a pile of something in our homes that we avoid cleaning up. Whether it's a stack of mail or old clothes still hanging in our closets that we haven't touched in years.

Clutter is a part of our lives, and for some it can snowball out of control.

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Laurie Wrobel, a Twin Cities-based decluttering expert, is hired to clean out the mess in homes across the metro. She is the owner of Clutter 911.

Wrobel has worked with all kinds of clients, from hoarders to people who need help with a small space in their home. She has worked with kids and the elderly.

Clutter, she says, can be the source of a lot of conflict in homes, so she tries to clear the clutter and conflict in people's lives.

"I'm really passionate about helping people and helping people improve their lives, improve their living situation, and again, to bring joy to their life," said Wrobel.

Wrobel says she starts with the non-sentimental items.

"It might be they have a lot of boxes or they have a lot of magazines and paperwork and usually they're not emotionally attached to those," said Wrobel.

Wrobel knows that she can be labeled as "the bad guy" as she asks people to get rid of their belongings, but she says she laughs, cries and becomes friends with many of her clients who are relieved to have less clutter after she works with them.

"It's psychologically helping them work through those connections they have to their stuff and helping them realize it's not about the stuff it's about the relationships and experiences in your life," said Wrobel.

To learn more about Laurie and her business, visit her website here.