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Grow with Kare: Be a citizen scientist and fight buckthorn!

The University of Minnesota is hoping to fight nasty buckthorn with native plants, but they need your help!

This is the perfect time of year to talk about buckthorn. If there's something in your yard or woods that still has green leaves on it, chances are it's buckthorn. It's an invasive species that chokes out native species and has little to no benefit to wildlife.

If that seems like what you might have check out the Cover it up! program from the University of Minnesota. 

Here's how it works: Sometime between now and spring, participants remove buckthorn from their property.

In the spring, the University provides seed mixes to be planted on you property. There are specific instruction to follow about where and how to plant the seed mixes, that includes native species like black eyes susans and rye grasses.

Over the next three years you will need to spend 4 to 6 hours per year reporting your observations.

The hope is that these native seeds can out compete the buckthorn by taking up soil and sunlight resources. Basically, the hope is that the natives can shade out the buckthorn so it doesn't have a chance to re-sprout.

The program is looking for participants from all across Minnesota. There are three requirements to participate:

  1. Live in Minnesota
  2. Own property in a wooded area
  3. Have buckthorn on your property

Check it out!

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