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Grow with KARE: Centerpiece tips from a pro

Take a couple store-bought bouquets and turn them into a tabletop masterpiece for Thanksgiving.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — The Thanksgiving centerpiece is oh so important and we're taking plain ol' flowers we buy at the store and turning them into something spectacular.

Georgia Edgington, lead designer for Len Busch Roses, gives us her tips.

First pick a couple bunches of flowers. Be sure to pick some different styles to mix and match.

Start with greens, making sure to cut them for the size of the vase. This will make a grid that will hold the flowers in place.

Use poms, also called mums, for the second step. They are very common in bunches sold in a variety of stores. 

The poms comes in so many colors and sizes and they're relatively cheap! 

Put them in at an angle so the flowers sit around the outside of the vase. This will also help to secure the other flowers in place.

Next pick some focal flowers. You can choose to place it as the tallest flower in your vase, or one that sits right in the middle to make a big impact. Focal flowers are commonly lilies, kale or sunflowers this time of year.

Last, fill in the vase with some splashes of color like roses, allium, yarrrow, solidago and wax flower. 

Georgia says free-form arrangements are all the rage, so don't feel like it has to be completely symmetrical.

Add seasonal embellishments if you choose and pop them in just like a flower.

Georgia also says to use the flower food that comes with your bouquet and change the water every couple days. Snipping a small amount of stem off the flowers and rinsing the stems under fresh water every couple days can also help the blooms last longer.

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