It's a trash to treasure operation in Hutchinson at Creekside Soils... literally. Fifteen years ago the city started collecting yard waste from residents and turning it in to compost.

Now its making money for the city and keeping grass, leaves, garden waste and brush material out of the landfills.

Creekside Manager, Andy Kosek explains, "We can turn yard waste over into compost, useable compost, in 4 to 6 months. To the best of my knowledge, there's zero operations in Minnesota that have an operation as elaborate as this."

From start to finish, they process and sell compost, garden soil, potting soil, mulch and more. It's a win win for the city and its residents... and gardeners around the country.

Gardeners and city workers doing some clean up this time of year are keeping the folks at Creekside busy.

"Right now we're in probably the second biggest part of the season as far as incoming materials go. There's a lot of spring clean up that happens at this time of year. The big influx is in the fall of the year when the leaves are falling from the trees. That's where probably 90% of our volume comes from is the fall of the season," says Kosek.

You can find their products in garden centers and hardware stores across the region.