ELLSWORTH, Wis. - Tim and Shawn Doose contacted us via email earlier this year when we were talking about yearning for some spring and getting into the garden. They said "just watched Belinda and Bobby's planning for your garden. I thought they might be interested to know we have fresh off- the-vine tomatoes here in Ellsworth, WI now - no need to wait for summer gardening. Come see us and see how we grow them in the dead of winter the Aquaponics way! We'll even share some tomatoes!"

So we traveled to Wisconsin and we found quite a operation that was completely created by Tim. He started in his own backyard 10 years ago and now he owns a farm and has around 75 tomato plants producing fantastic tomatoes year round and his neighbors really appreciate it.

If you want to find out more about the Doose Aquaponics check them out their grand opening is this weekend March 11th in the beautiful countryside in Wisconsin.

Belinda & Bobby