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Grow with KARE: Edible flowers to grow in your garden

Try mixing some of these into salad, soup or your favorite cocktail for a fun garnish.

Flowers don’t just look and smell pretty… some of them taste good too! 

Try mixing some of these into salad, soup or your favorite cocktail for a fun garnish.

The purple flower tubes of anise hyssop add a licorice-like flavor.

Bachelor button taste almost like clove… a bit on the spicy side. Use just the petals, or the whole flower!

Take the petals from bee balm for a flavor similar to earl gray tea.

Borage is a bee magnet but also great for adding to lemonade or a salad with their crisp flavor reminiscent of a cucumber.

Calendula can tint your food or drink an orange color as it adds a pleasantly peppery and sometimes bitter taste.

Chamomile is known best for tea, but adding it to salads gives a light apple-like taste.

Chives are great for adding mild onion flavor.

Sprinkle the tubes from clover flowers onto a salad for a slightly sweet essence.

If you search “how to eat dandelions” on the internet, you’ll see ideas from frying them up like fritters to fermenting them into wine. All delicious options.

Pick the petals off your dianthus flowers for a mild-clove taste.

Neither Pansies, primrose nor hollyhocks taste like much, but they sure are pretty on top of a salad!

No surprise that honeysuckle adds sweet honey flavor to your dish or drink.

You don’t need many lilac petals sprinkled in for that amazingly floral aroma and taste.

Nasturtium are my favorite to add with the punch of bright color and slightly peppery yet sweet flavor.

Pick your pea flowers before they go to seed for a similar flavor to the pod itself.

Rose petals give a very delicate, fruity flavor.

Scented geranium like lemon, rose or mint taste just like their name suggests!

Signet marigold adds a lemony or citrus aroma when you add the petals to your recipe.

Violas vary in taste but are usually perfumey or sweet.

Just like the advice we shared earlier this spring from members of our Grow with KARE Facebook page… Grow what you like to eat!