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Grow with KARE: Favorite fall bloomers

Bobby and Laura pick their favorite perennials for fall blooms.

We're in the final stage of the bloom season now ... the late summer and fall bloomers are shining.

If you have space (there's always room for one more) and are looking to add some late season color, here's our favorite perennials!

  • New England Aster: The cutest little daisy-like flowers with purple petals and yellow centers ... perfect for any Vikings fan!
  • Ironweed: A gorgeous rich purple that soars as my tallest perennial. If you'd like it shorter, cut it back to 12" tall in June.
  • Meadow Blazing Star: A monarch magnet and my favorite liatris.
  • Joe Pye Weed: Pollinators flock to this almost shrub-like perennial. This one can handle some shade as well as full sun.
  • Goldenrod: This golden beauty gets a bad rap, often mistaken for ragweed and the cause of seasonal allergies. In reality, very few people are allergic to goldenrod.
  • Sunflowers: There are so many varieties from tiny to giant when it comes to sunflowers. For a native version that even shines in the shade, plant native woodland sunflower or pale-leaved sunflower.
  • Rudbeckia: I just added brown-eyed susans this year and they are my favorite new addition. They reseed freely, so best for a natural style garden. But like sunflowers, there are many varieties of rudbeckia to choose from.
  • Sedum: So many of us have autumn joy or other varieties of sedum. They are a great staple for the fall garden and provide a unique texture all summer long.
  • Anemone: I personally love anemones. I have my Snowdrop and Canadian anemones in the spring and now a Grape Anemone in the fall. The delicate light purple flowers provide subtle beauty.
  • Turtlehead: Whether you choose the white or pink variety, turtlehead is a winner with its dark, glossy leaves and unique blooms.
  • Hydrangeas: Here's another one with so many varieties to choose from that fit the look you love and space you have. Hydrangea blooms dry on the stem to provide winter interest for the months to come.
  • Little Blue Stem: All grasses are a great fall choice. My personal favorite is little blue stem for a purple hue and delicate texture in the garden.

Fall is a great time to plant and add to the garden with cooler weather and more consistent moisture on the way. Be sure to water the newly planted flowers all the way up until the ground is frozen, which is typically November.