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Grow with KARE: Gardening in a wet spring

What should and shouldn't you be doing in this very wet spring

Well, no question everyone knows it's been wet, and the numbers actually prove it. 

We're talking over 8 inches of rain since the beginning of April. Thirty-two days where it has either poured or rained a little bit. It has been wet. 

Gardeners are wondering what to do and farmers are struggling as well. 

Bobby says If you have planted, the problem is two things. If you walk around in the soil you're going to compact it. Secondly, the plants are little and do not have established roots, so make sure the roots are covered. If they aren't, you can prop them back up and add a little soil to them, anything like that. 

Another thing is, if you have pots, they are more than likely full of water right now. You want to bend them, turn them over, or dump them out. And if you do not have drainage, you are in trouble. Without drainage they are going to be soppy and the roots are going to rot. 

Make sure you have drainage, drain out the pots, and stay off the lawn if it is soggy as well. If you can see your footprints, stay off the lawn. Belinda says just in a matter of time everything will dry up. Every time the sun comes out in May it does warm up quickly and dries everything out, but until then have patience.

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