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Grow with KARE: Gardening trends

Tangletown Gardens shares the trends they are seeing as we head into spring.

MINNEAPOLIS — We spent time at the Tangletown farm in Plato last week.  When we were walking through the greenhouses we noticed the amazing diversity of plants all growing together on the same benches.  Dean mentioned to us that they grow all of their own stock and in small quantities so that gives them the opportunity to have a great diversity of plants.  Dean mentioned with many smaller garden centers getting gobbled up by larger ones, the diversity of what is available has really fallen off in the last decade. There are a lot of varieties of the most popular plants but not the diversity of different types.

Another trend that Dean mentioned is that younger generations such as millennials are into their house plants and becoming "plant parents"!  Many garden centers saw a decline as the baby boomers started downsizing and not having as many gardens. This hot trend of buying unique house plants is what is now taking off with this younger generation because many of them do not have yard space yet for gardens.  They think they buy them because many influencers use them for decor, and they want to add the greenery to their living spaces.  The other reason they are buying is that they are privy to the research that shows that having living plants in your living space is very healthy for you and your brain.  

The is the third trend that they are seeing through their wholesale planting business is that many large businesses across the metro are installing living walls, buying many plants as decor in office spaces.  They are listening to their employees, and also are making their areas more inviting for their workers.

Interesting trends and a great tour!


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