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Grow with KARE: Holiday cacti

Bobby and Laura have tips on how to grow and care for your holiday cactus, no matter if it's an Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Holiday cacti are wonderful and long-lived plants that can last generations. In fact, mine belonged to my grandmother at one point and I absolutely cherish it.

They are relatively easy to take care of with a few simple tips.

They are not true cacti ... native to the rain forest instead. So high humidity is key for a healthy holiday cactus. Misting the leaves or setting atop a tray of rocks filled with water can help it through the dry winter months.

Water as you would a regular houseplant, when the top 1" of soil is dry,

And speaking of soil, holiday cacti do not like heavy, wet soil. So make sure you have a good quality, loose potting soil.

If you fertilize, do so in the summer months. Your cactus will love a pot outside in the summer months in a part shade location. Dappled light under a tree mimics it's natural habitat.

Indoors, choose a spot with bright light. A cool location will help to encourage blooms. Mine loves a bay window on the east side of my home. 

Stop watering about six weeks before the bloom season. Then, once the flower buds set, begin to water as normal.

You can tell if you have a Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter cactus by the shape of the leaves. 

Truly one of my favorite plants, I hope you enjoy your holiday cactus for years to come!

Credit: Kare11