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Grow with KARE: Meet Tertill

A robot that weeds your garden sounds futuristic and too good to be true. Bobby and Laura give it a try.


Imagine not having to weed your garden! When we saw this solar-powered weeding robot, we had to give it a try! It’s called Tertill. 

Here’s how it works: 

Tertill operates on the premise that weeds are short and plants are tall. So you have to start before the weeds really get going. You can protect small plants with these accessories available with your Tertill. 

It can handle up to 200 square feet of garden space. Just make sure there’s a barrier at least 4” tall to keep Tertill in place. My chicken wire has worked well. 

Tertill has a spinning string trimmer underneath. So it cuts down weeds. It’s wheels also churn up the soil a bit to dig them up. 

I haven’t had any problems with it harming any of my veggies and flowers 

I didn’t do a great job of planting with Tertill in mind. Next year I’ll be sure to leave enough room between plants for it to maneuver around. 

Twelve inches between plants is best. You’ll likely have to hand weed if you plant row of crops closer together.  

I move it around to the different areas of my garden and it’s done a great job in the open areas while the melons and cucumbers are filling in.  

Other things to keep in mind. Tertill works on relatively level soil or mulch, but not rocky areas or straw. 

It’s not cheap. But if it performs, it might just be worth the $349. Watch for a sale! 

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