GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Now that we are gearing up for gardening season, it's time to talk about soil health.

Chemical fertilizers have over the years depleted our soil of the beneficial microbes that live there and help our plants grow big and strong. Organic fertilizers replenish the soil to allow microbes come back and do what they were meant to do!

James Curren of Java Cycle is a coffee roaster that realized the treasure in the process that was previously being thrown away as trash. The outside skin of the green coffee bean, called the chaff, comes off during the roasting process. This skin is a wonderful source of mainly nitrogen, but also some potassium and several trace nutrients that benefit both our gardens and containers. 

Right here in Minnesota, the chaff is combined with other organic ingredients to make Java Cycle fertilizer. It's slow release food for your garden that can help kick your flowers and veggies into high gear.

Try it out! We found it at Mother Earth Gardens, a fabulous shop with two locations in Minneapolis.