There is a Community Orchard that was planted this fall in Osseo in a space that was otherwise unused next to Highway 169. People will be able to pick apples and other fruits in this orchard as soon as the trees bare fruit. This is the fourth of its kind in the Twin Cities.

These were the details from Osseo…

  • The City is glad to be able to make use of an awkward—and some neighbors would say, unattractive—site
    • Now the area will be a destination for residents of the city
    • Everyone is invited to pick the fruit once it is ready. The Food Group will help with collecting extra fruit for area food pantries.
    • The City will be adding signs to identify the orchard as well as the individual plants.
  • Osseo is grateful for The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and vitafusion™ for providing plants, and The Food Group for helping coordinate the event and providing ongoing support.
  • This planting comes at the end of a 2-year “Creating Healthier Communities” project in Osseo
    • Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Health’s Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) provided resources for organizing the work as well as technical support.
    • The project’s goal was to improve community health in many areas, including increasing access to healthy fresh food.
    • This project helps us achieve that.