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Grow with KARE: Plants for winter wildlife

Gardening for winter wildlife Bobby and Laura have some tips to consider in your garden to help out the furry and feathery friends that live here all winter.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — While we are cozy in our homes this winter, some of our furry and feathered friends rely on our gardens for warmth and food. We can help them by including a few key plants in our landscape.

Evergreens are a great choice for providing shelter. The more dense the better. A grouping of a few evergreens is even best. Plus, birds can also snack on seeds found in the cones. Junipers, yews and arborvitae are examples of dense evergreens. Ground-hugging varieties are great, too!

Broadleaf evergreens like rhododendron can also provide some shelter.

Plants with berries are of course a favorite for birds along with some mammals for providing food in these cold months. Crabapples, coralberry, aronia and beautyberry are some yummy choices that also add color and winter interest for you!

Seeds are great for the same reason. Allium, echinacea, sedum, baptisia and ornamental grasses are great seed sources that feed birds and rodents all winter long.

The ornamental grasses also provide shelter and protection from predators.

Choosing plants for winter wildlife not only help the animals, they keep your garden looking beautiful in this long, otherwise white season.

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