PLYMOUTH, Minn. - A prairie in Plymouth? Yes, we found one.

Our Grow with KARE colleague and friend Laura Betker told us about a prairie growing in a residential yard in Plymouth and she said we had to check it out.

Bobby and I met Marcy, the "Prairie Girl," and fell in love with this interesting and beautiful yard. They had some real issues with water run-off because of their location and they were just not getting anything to really grow the way they wanted to. Then they were introduced to Prairie Restoration.

Fourteen years later they have two prairies growing in their yard. The wildlife is overwhelming, the butterflies, birds, dragonflies are everywhere. They love the look, the flowers are abundant and it is very different than the yards around them but just beautiful. They do tours if you are interested and photographers spend countless hours taking amazing pictures of unique insects, and birds that call this Prairie in Plymouth home!

Give Marcy a call if you want to check it out...612-840-9591.

There is a Prairie Day on August 13th at the Princeton Facility of Prairie Restoration and click here to learn more.