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Grow with KARE: Red, white and blue container gardens!

Making an America-themed container is easy and fun. It’ll look its best with a few simple tips.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — This time of year, your flower pots should match your flag with blooms of red, white and blue!

While there are very few true blue flowers in this world, purple makes a good stand in.

Making an America-themed container is easy and fun. It’ll look its best with a few simple tips.

Choose flowers that complement each other with a variety of textures and sizes.

When planting consider if your pot will be visible from just the front, or from all sides. If just from the front, put taller plants in the back and shorter in the front. If you’ll be able to view all sides, keep the tallest plants in the middle of the container.  

Many of you have heard the phrase, thriller, spiller, filler and it’s a good one!

Splurge on one eye-catching flower for the container. This is the thriller.

Find another that will cascade over the edges of the pot. This is the spiller.

And last fill in space with a more budget-friendly option. This is the filler.

Find a balance between allowing space for things to grow while still adding enough so your pot looks nice and full.

Annuals are a good choice but don’t shy away from perennials in your containers. You can always add them to your garden beds in the fall as permanent features.

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