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Mulch versus rocks, what is best for your yard?

It's warming up so that means more people are looking to do some landscaping.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — There are things to consider when choosing ground covering for your yard.

Laura and Bobby discuss the pros and cons of mulch versus rocks.


Biodegradable, feeds the plants over time

One study says mulch can double the growth rate


Less cost investment initially

Retains moisture

Reduces weeds

Big variety of looks and colors

Adds heat in the winter and cool in the summer

Reduce erosion


Need to replace

Can blow or float out of the garden bed

Can harbor weed seeds and jumping worms if you buy low quality



One time purchase

Big variety of looks, sizes and colors

Weed prevention

Great for rock and cactus gardens

Won’t blow away in the wind


Expensive initial investment

Can heat up too much and damage plants

Weeds eventually grow in between, hard to weed

Can weed with a flame torch

End up in the grass, damage the mower

Removing is THE WORST JOB EVER if you change your mind

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