STILLWATER, Minn. - As spring slowly crawls closer to us many gardeners are dreaming of the day that they are kneeling in front of their garden, pulling plants out of pots and planting them in their garden. The problem is when you are done, the garden looks great and you are left with tons of likely petroleum based pots that are not recyclable.

A Stillwater company is trying to change that. SelfEco Pots is the first compostable, self-feeding garden pot with plant food built into the pot walls. Constantly providing nutrition to your plants. You just plant the entire pot! People like this idea, in 30 days they 120% funded by 230 backers from around the world in their kick starter campaign.

Plastic plant pots have become a huge waste problem. It is estimated that we put 200,000,000 pounds of petroleum-based pots into the landfills every year.

They are currently working with Wagner's Greenhouse.

You can order them online

Good luck to these folks, really a great idea.