Minnesota Christmas tree growers have enjoyed a perfect growing season with trees in excellent health headed into the holiday season. But recent cold snaps have brought some challenges.

Cold weather in early to mid-November severely hindered the ability to harvest trees. If they are cut and baled when temperatures are too cold the branched break off and the needles fall... not a good combination.

Harvesting spruce tops have been difficult as well. Farmers for spruce tops are in northern Minnesota and have to trek through bogs to cut the tops that will decorate your front step. With one to two feet of snow on the ground and well below average temperatures many of those spruce tops were harvested late.

Getting the trees to the garden centers for you to purchase is a time-stressed task this year.

If you cut your own, plan to go when the temperature is closer to freezing. Or bring a large truck or trailer so you don't have to have the tree baled.