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Grow with KARE: Container gardens

No matter how little space you may have, you can still grow your own food with containers. When choosing what you’re going to grow, consider the container size.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Not everyone has space for a traditional garden bed, but even if you live in a condo or apartment, like Bobby, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food!

When choosing what you’re going to grow, be sure to consider the size of your containers — this is important.

These popular deck boxes are great for herbs, lettuces and other baby greens. Even radishes can grow quite nicely in a smaller container. But remember that a smaller container will dry out faster than a large one, especially when we get to the sweltering heat of summer. You’ll have to water these at least once a day, if not more often.

This two-gallon container has more soil space to accommodate slightly larger plants. Larger greens like kale, chard or collards will be just fine in a two-gallon container. Peas, beans and peppers are also a good choice for something this size.

If you want to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins or squash you’ve got to think big. This is a 15-gallon container and it’s the smallest I would consider for these super-hungry plants that need a lot of space, food and water.

Make sure your containers are in a spot that receives the most sunshine you can offer. And don’t forget to water! Check the soil every day, and twice a day when it’s hot outside to make sure your container gardens don’t dry up.

It’s also a good idea to fertilize a couple of times throughout the season, especially after heavy rains that can wash the nutrients out of the soil.


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