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Grow with KARE: Spruce up your winter pots!

We're talking spruce tops 101 at Tonkadale Greenhouse.

MINNETONKA, Minn. — With the VERY cold temperatures already upon us it is crucial that you get your winter greenery into your pots and window boxes.  They will be freezing up solid if you wait too long!  

We ventured out to beautiful Tonkadale Greenhouse to talk to Jessie Jacobson about her tips on how to make them last all winter. 

She recommends using rice hulls versus soil it will hold the moisture better and freeze solid to make them last all winter.  She recommends using the formula of the diameter of your pot minus 2 to figure out how many spruce tops you need.  For example a 12" pot would need 10 spruce tops.  She recommends making a fresh cut and cutting off the lower branches of each spruce top so it will be able to soak in the most moisture and that way it will look healthier longer.  Jessie likes to add some other fresh greens and to make your pot have more dimension.  Then it is up to you!  Lots of choices, to decorate, twigs, birch, pine cones, magnolia leaves, permanent berries, ribbons, really anything that you like. 

They do have a lot of winter "neutral" pots to get ideas from and Jessie likes those because they will look good through the entire winter even when the holidays are long past.  

Bobby and Jessie do think using a anti desiccant spray when you are finished will keep your greens looking good through the winter is also a good idea. 

If you need ideas or help there are Spruce Top Pot Workshops the next three weekends at Tonkadale!

Belinda & Bobby

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