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Grow with KARE: Taking care of dog spots

It's almost unavoidable, but fixing dog spots in your yard when they do happen is easy!

"Well I have a twelve year-old female dog, her name is Mona.  And I've got plenty of pee spots in the yard and I'm looking for the best way to fix the problem, to address it," asks Bob Winslow with his dog, Mona.

Female dogs are no different than male dogs, female dogs squat so the urine is concentrated. And so what happens is it's urea, so it burns. You could go out and follow your dog around and every time your dog goes to the bathroom, pour a couple of gallons of water on it cause it's all the dilution that really counts. 

Current research suggests that high protein diets can add to the nitrogen content of your dog's urine so that's one possibility about why it might be burning a lot, but of course that's a conversation to have with your vet. 

After the fact, we can fix this!

It's really pretty simple, three ingredients: top soils or compost, grass seed (lots of grass seed!) and some vermiculite. And I like vermiculite because it holds moisture and moisture is pretty key to get your seed started. So you know about half and half of the vermiculite and top soil and as much seed as you can put in there, mix it up. And then just spread that on the spots.

You wanna rake out as much dead grass as you can get out of there. 

So you just wanna take it and sprinkle it nice and thick.

Just keep it slightly moist and watch it grow!

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