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Grow with KARE: Trendy houseplants for 2023

Laura and Bobby find out what the houseplant trends will be for the new year.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — We are pretty trendy people — OK, not really — but we do like to pretend we are. So we called up our friends at Len Busch Roses to get the scoop on the houseplant trends for 2023. 

First, think orchids. The year 2023 is supposed to be the year of the orchid. They aren’t the easiest plant to take care of but they are well worth it.

Next, think statement pieces and large plants that act like living artwork in a home. Banana trees, birds of paradise, rubber trees, crotons, ZZ plants and palms join the already popular monsteras and fiddle leaf figs. 

My advice would be to go with the palms, as they are relatively easy to care for. I’ve also had great luck with rubber trees, but I’ve yet to keep a croton looking great. Fiddle leaf figs are also picky if you don’t have the right location.

On the flip side, low-light plants are a trend I can get on board with. Think sansevieria, arrowhead vine, rubber tree and some peperomia varieties.

Spider plants never seem to go out of style. Love these!

It’s easy to see why plants with variegation or unique leaf shape are trendy. Watermelon peperomia is a popular one.

And speaking of color, pink-toned plants are up and coming.

Last up, Belinda will be happy to know succulents aren’t going anywhere!

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