If you're tired of planting tulips every year choose types and correct planting methods that are more likely to encourage a return.

Most tulips do not return with the same vigor the second year, die out completely and finally peter out after a few years.

Some types of tulips, do a better job of returning year after year.

All tulips fare better if they're planted in the right spot and given the proper care.

Choose the right types

Giant Darwin hybrid tulips, bred by crossing Fosteriana and the old Darwin tulips, are renowned as good repeat performers. In fact, they're often marketed as perennial tulips.

This type of tulip produces large flowers on strong stems. Another group that tends to come back well is Fosteriana tulips, also called Emperor tulips

Fosteriana earlier bloomers. Fosteriana tulips have a long growing season that gives them plenty of time to energize their bulbs for years to come.

They're a little shorter than the Darwin hybrids, with large, elongated flowers.

Species tulips, or botanical tulips. Species tulips not only return year after year, but they multiply and form clumps that grow bigger each year.

They're well suited for rock gardens or the edges of walkways.

Plant tulips properly

Naturalizing tulips like soil with good drainage and plenty of sun at least six hours a day. These tulips like our cold winters, but avoid over-watering in the summer months, plant at a depth that's four times the height of the bulb.

Do not deadhead. let the foliage die back before removing.

Good luck planting tulips this year,

Belinda and bobby