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Grow with KARE: Veggie Garden Check-up

Many vegetable gardens are a bit behind and slow to build this season.

HOPKINS, Minn. — Bobby and I spent some time last week in Cargill's Giving Garden, which we are excited to share with you next week!  

While we were in this flourishing veggie garden we saw a few things that many of you have been asking us about on our Grow with Kare Facebook group.  

We noticed that there was a number of yellow leaves on the bottom of the tomato plants along with a lot of green tomatoes.  

This year with the heavy downpours these soil born diseases have splashed up onto many of our tomato plants.  

Bobby says to pick them off and dispose of them, and don't leave them on the ground.  

The fruit will turn red as soon as we get some cooler nights like the last couple.  Warm nights tend to allow the tomatoes to stay green or only turn yellow.  

Bobby also said that many of you have been asking about not having too many zucchini flowers and cucumbers this year.  He attributes this to two things, the heavy rains and winds washing or blowing off the blooms.  

There is also a lot of powdery mildew in many plants because of the abundance of rain and humidity.  

The one veggie that we noticed was doing great were the peppers.  They were as healthy as ever!  

Good luck with your veggies and the biggest thing that Bobby said is get out into the garden and check out what is going on.

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