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Grow with KARE: Why use white flowers?

The many benefits of putting white flowers in your garden.

Bobby suggests adding white to your gardens to highlight darker, shady areas of your yard. 

White is a very under-used color, and can be added through white pots and window boxes, or white flowers. 

Planting white flowers in your garden not only illuminates your yard at night, but the bright color also attract nighttime pollinators such as moths. 

While these white plants help brighten up your yard at night, planting at night can also be beneficial and can make a significant difference in the success of your plants. 

The moon's gravitational pull affects the moisture in the soil just as it influences the ocean tides. A practice called moon-phase gardening, popular in folklore, is being resurrected due to new concepts and scientific ideas. This practice synchronizes the planting of flowers with the cycle of the moon: such as planting flowering bulbs and perennials during the waning moon (from the day after the full moon to the day before it is new again).

The scientific evidence behind moon-phase planting hasn't been proven yet, but it's a good excuse to get outside to enjoy the cool, summer nights!

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