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Grow with Kare: Ultra-local lettuce for Benilde-St. Margaret's students

The lettuce salad at BSM was planted, grown and harvested just steps from where it's served.

We're using the leaf lettuce in our caprese salad.

Planted, grown and harvested in the Benilde-St. Margaret's cafeteria, this leaf lettuce is taking farm to table to the ultimate local level.

It literally requires no soil so it's very innovative as far as being sustainable. I uses only light water, and a little bit of nutrients.

So lets give it a try! Harvested in the morning. We have olive, tomatoes and mozzarella on the fresh lettuce. 

It's actually really good! 

"This is way better than the box salads," says Senior Kylie Krumenauer.

"It tastes a lot fresher," agrees 8th grader Kate Walesch.

It's a great educational tool for the students. They're able to see the produce grow, they eat it. They learn about a new way of farming.

Science teacher, Lauren Reuss is excited to use this same system in her classroom. We're able to take this designed system and compare it to natural systems. We have a community garden out back. So we're going to be able to look at how engineering affects the way we grow our plants. Can we engineer a better system?"

Not only is it very convenient to grow lettuce here but it's sustainable, economical and it tastes good.

Plus the students get to see food actually growing before they eat it. 

It's student approved!

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