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Keep your kids entertained during the Super Bowl

Happi Olson from Creative Kidstuff came by KARE Saturday with things to keep your children occupied during the big game.
Keeping kids entertained during the big game.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – The Super Bowl tends to be an event for the grownups. There are still plenty of ways to get kiddos involved in game day fun.

Happi Olson from Creative Kidstuff came by KARE Saturday with things to keep your children occupied during the big game.

Heidi's suggestions:

Make your own pom-pom

Show off your team spirit by hosting a craft for the kids! They can make their own pom-pom using inexpensive materials from a local craft store or around the house including streamers, tissue paper, and a stapler.


Empty toilet paper roll

2 large sheets of tissue paper in your team's colors

Bright green and blue for Seahawks, blue, red or white for Patriots

A 6x4" rectangle piece of colored construction paper (either Blue or Red depending on your team)

A 6x2" rectangle piece of colored construction paper (either Green or blue/white again depending on your team)

Glue stick




1. Glue the small rectangular piece of colored construction paper to the middle of the large piece of colored construction paper. Then wrap the glued pieces to the empty toilet paper roll. Now you have a stylish handle to grip when you shake, shake, shake.

2. Fold the 2 sheets of tissue paper in half lengthwise. Then fold that in half width-wise. Shred the folded colored tissue paper by cutting them into thin strips about 1/2 inch wide or less depending on how thick or thin you want the strings to be.

3. Hold the folded side of the strips in your hand and stuff it about 1/3 of the way into the toilet paper roll so that the individual strands flare out making a nice fluffy pom.

4. Pinch closed the end of the toilet paper tube with the tissue paper sticking out of it. Using the stapler, place three to four staples along the top of the tube to secure the tissue paper to the toilet paper tube.

Flag Football

Here's to becoming the next Russell Wilson or Tom Brady. Have the kids enjoy a game of flag football in the backyard or nearby park to burn off some of the energy. You can buy bandannas in Seahawks and Patriots colors to have your own mock Super Bowl.

Football bingo

Create a football themed bingo cards with the players and coaches from each team. If the person is shown on TV during the game, they can fill in that square. If the kids aren't watching the game, play regular bingo. The oldest kid can take the honors of being the bingo caller while the younger kids dot or place M&Ms on their cards.

Team banner

Kids can set the stage for a victory this Super Bowl Sunday by creating a homemade mural or banner for the game. Set out large sheets of paper for the kids to draw and decorate.

To check out all of Creative Kidstuff's great toys and ideas, visit Creative Kidstuff or stop by one of their 7 metro locations.

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