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'Let Joy Flow': A dying woman's wish

I've almost died 17 times. I have been faced with death and dying most of my life, now I am welcoming it.

Lindsey Seavert

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Published: 12/21/2017 10:55:27 AM
Updated: 7:15 PM CST December 21, 2017

Karen Axeen, 57, of Apple Valley, a mother and grandmother, passed away after years of chronic illness and multiple cancers including ovarian cancer and breast cancer. After spending almost an entire year hospitalized last year, she entered hospice and decided to stop cancer treatments. She prepared for her death with the help of a certified end-of-life, or death doula.

Karen invited KARE 11 to document her final months of life to show others the honor of dying. She spent her final days writing letters to her two adult daughters and six grandchildren.

These are her words.

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