BAYPORT, Minn. - DNR fisheries agents following an electronically tagged bighead carp were led to two more invasive fish that were captured and removed from the St. Croix River.

The bighead carp were found in Anderson Bay in Bayport May 11. One was a 46-inch, 39-pound mature male, and the second was a 43-inch, 46-pound mature female. Neither fish showed indications that they had spawned this year. The invasive fish were removed from the water and euthanized.

“We may not have immediately captured these two if the tagged carp hadn’t, in effect, led us to them,” DNR invasive fish coordinator Nick Frohnauer said. “Tagging is another proactive step Minnesota is taking to prevent the spread of invasive species.”

The capture of the two bighead carp, an invasive species, is the result of the pilot project to track tagged invasive carp to learn more about their range, habitat preferences and other behaviors.

DNR fisheries staff, along with U.S. Fish and Wildlife staff and commercial anglers, are resuming efforts to recapture the tagged carp this week. They are reminding anglers that anyone who catches a bighead, grass or silver carp must report it to the DNR immediately. Call 651-587-2781 or email Take a photo and transport the carp to the nearest fisheries office or make arrangements for it to be picked up by a DNR official.