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How to get work done while at home with a pet

Second Hand Hounds said adoption and fostering are way up right now because so many people are home.

MINNETONKA, Minn. — It's a new week and many of you are continuing to work from home.  That means more time around those pets and while our furry family members are happy we're home all the time, it can be disruptive to your work.

Here's a few tips on how you can still get your work done.

Rachel Mairose with Second Hand Hounds said use Kong toys for dogs.

You can fill it with treats, like peanut butter, and it'll keep them busy for an hour or two!

You an also use snuffle mats to hide their food. Mairose said the the feeding process becomes an expedition instead, and can distract the animals for a while.

Third, Mairose said if it's nice out, go for a walk, or two. It'll tire out your pet so you can get that report in.

"It's a great thing to do for our mental health, it's also really good for our animals mental health has long as you're making sure to stay six feet away from everybody that you cross paths with and also making sure you're not petting people's dogs or letting people pet your dog," Mairose said.

"I definitely think that keeping a similar schedule to what you've been on is really important not only for you but your pets as well," she said.

That way, your pet won't be stressed out when you head back into the office.

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Second Hand Hounds tells us adoption and fostering are way up right now because so many people are home. Compared to this time last year, adoption applications have doubled and there are four times as many foster applications. 

Mairose said animal shelters love the compassion but they're also worried for when people go back to work.  She wants to remind families to make sure your normal schedule can accommodate a pet. 

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