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Rescued! Bloomington police and fire team up to free stuck cat

Ethica, a recently rescued kitty, was exploring her new home in Bloomington and ran into a bit of trouble.
Credit: Bloomington PD
Bloomington police and fire personnel teamed up Wednesday to rescue a cat that had fallen deep inside a cinder block wall.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. β€” Part of the joy of pet ownership is the stories that come along with that quirky dog, cat, bird or other critter that inhabits our lives.

And a new cat owner in Bloomington has a doozy. 

Ethica, a recently rescued kitty is getting used to life with her family on Nicollet Avenue in Bloomington. Exploring her new home is part of the deal, but last night the cat got into a bit of trouble, falling about six cinder blocks deep into a basement wall. 

Unable to reach their new cat, her owners called 911 and a community service officer (CSO) responded with what Bloomington Police Deputy Chief Mike Hartley calls a catch pole. He tried to reach Ethica but the pole was just not long enough. 

Credit: Bloomington PD
Bloomington Deputy Police Chief Mike Hartley says Ethica the cat was stuck after falling about six cinder blocks deep inside a wall while exploring.

Next came the law enforcement version of going to the bullpen: The CSO called Bloomington Fire, and a rig came to the home with the right equipment to rescue  Ethica. Bloomington Fire Chief Uly Seal says a ladder truck with four firefighters aboard arrived at the home, drilled a hole in the block and coaxed the cat out. Seal says the cat was very cooperative, something many cat owners will tell you is rare.

Other than being a bit scared the cat was just fine.

Hartley says Bloomington Police have a special unit that deals with animal calls, and that they stay quite busy. They respond to dog and cat issues, and situations that are a bit more on the wild side. 

"Everything from your seasonal ducklings down the drain to the fawn trapped in an unfilled pool, they've got some pretty good stories," he chuckled. 

Ethica the cat is now one of them.