EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Senator Amy Klobuchar said there was a specific reason she chose Wisconsin to be her very first campaign stop. She said it was no longer about viewing the Mississippi river as a divider but as something that could unite the midwest.

The SHIFT Cyclery and Coffee Bar located in downtown Eau Claire was packed with people looking forward to meeting Senator Klobuchar up close. 

"I'm so excited to be here, I'm sorry I didn't bring my snow globe," Klobuchar said to the crowd. She may have forgotten her snow, but she did not forget to bring her sense of humor.

She said she also wanted people to remember that she's thinking about Wisconsin and other rural areas in the Midwest.

"I know often times we in Eau Claire feel like we're forgotten," Jodi Emerson said. Emerson introduced Senator Klobuchar before she got up to speak to the crowd. Emerson is the democratic representative of Wisconsin's 91st Assembly District. 

Building on that statement from Emerson, Klobuchar promised dozens at the shop that she will make sure to build more theoretical bridges that emboldens the relationship between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"It's time that we cross the river of our divides and walk over the sturdy bridge that is Democracy to a higher ground in our politics," Klobuchar said. On top of other things, she also promised big moves for combating climate change.

"On day one as President, I will put us back into the International Climate Change Agreement," Klobuchar said.

Her message sounded good to some. 

"Everything she said was just perfect," Pat Avery said. Avery and her husband drove from Menomonie, WI to see Klobuchar. Avery was holding a sign that read "Another proud granddaughter of an Iron Range Miner supports Amy Klobuchar for President!"

However, others said it's still too early in the game to pick someone to back on the Democratic side.

"They're all very similar," Virginia Winter said. She said she is a Democrat but hasn't made up her mind about who she would support. She also explained that despite her being from Minnesota, she wouldn't vote for Senator Klobuchar, just on the basis that she too is from the same state. "I'm really hoping for somebody to stand out very soon. Which is why I want to make an effort to come out and listen if I can instead of reading articles written by other people."

Klobuchar's schedule said she is headed to Iowa next. She will make two more appearances in Knoxville and Albia, Iowa on Sunday.