MINNEAPOLIS — The red and khaki standard uniform mandated for employees for Minnesota-based Target is getting a makeover, as corporate leaders are now giving workers the option of wearing... gasp... blue jeans. 

Target Chief Stores Officer Janna Potts made the announcement Thursday, not long after Target announced that the corporation posted a 5.7 same-stores sales increase for the crucial November/December holiday shopping season.

“I’m so proud of the results our stores delivered for Target. I love that we embraced the challenge of #jeansforever together as one team,” Janna says. “It was such a great moment to let the team know that not only did we meet the goal, but we beat it. They do so much for our guests each and every day so it’s amazing to be able to recognize and celebrate such a special group of people in a way that everyone can get excited about.”

The new jeans policy doesn't mean that the iconic tan khakis are history, but common sense would tell shoppers they'll see way fewer of them.