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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Meg Veitenheimer

The creator of Nelie G. Mae describes how her passion for making jewelry and practicing yoga overlap.

ST PAUL, Minn — Meg Veitenheimer feels deeply connected to the process of creating jewelry. 

"Making jewelry is a form of moving meditation," she said. "It's a very meditative process for me."

Meg launched Nelie G. Mae a year ago, which is a beaded jewelry business creating works of wearable art- mostly earrings. 

"I love earrings because they're super bold," she said. 

Nelie G. Mae was featured in recent issues of British Vogue magazine. 

Meg also teaches yoga at Northern Yoga Center in St. Paul. She says there's a big overlap in making jewelry and her yoga practice. 

"It keeps me in check with connecting with the present moment and connecting with whatever my reality is at that time," she said. "Typically I make the pieces I like the best when I’m not in my head about it. When I just allow it to happen rather than trying to plan every detail."

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