ST. PAUL - On the campaign trail politicians are debating big issues in America.

But at Maxfield Elementary School in St. Paul some fifth graders are using a unique way to solve problems. They created a multicultural cookbook to help promote diversity.

The students are part of a program called Public Achievement. The program, run by Augsburg College, is used in schools and community across the country to help youth improve their community and build democracy. Dennis Donavan runs the program.

“There are a lot of issues in the world and we need people to come together and solve these problem,” he said. “Having young people participate in public achievement gives them a skillset and process that normally they would not have.”

Anita McGraw said the course has given her the confidence needed to speak in front of an audience. Later this month, the students will present their cookbook to peers and parents. The students involved said the cookbook is a way to address the issue of diversity and inclusion.

“Our people and our education is important to us. This cookbook is important because it teaches you about different cultures and where the food comes from,” Victora Pwo said. “Having diversity is important because it would be boring if we only had one race. “

To learn more about Public Achievement visit the Augsburg website.