STILLWATER, Minn. - The inmates inside Stillwater prison are determined to one day make it on the outside.

While they prepare for that day, those waiting for them on the other side of their prison walls do the same.

Don Moeller, the father of an inmate, is doing his best to offer encouragement from the outside.

Moeller showed up to a 5K at Concordia University Sunday to benefit Prison Fellowship, the nation's largest outreach to prisoners.

"There's a group of people here who really want to support people when they get out," he says. "We're here to support our son Matt."

As community members and families of inmates ran or walked the 5K, hundreds of inmates at three different Minnesota prisons ran simultaneous races as well.

"It reminds of what it was like as a kid," one inmate tells KARE 11. "Carefree. No worries."

Despite supportive families, forgiveness from society doesn't come easy.

The hope these prisoners on the inside, and families on the outside, share, is that more employers out there might be willing to hire a felon promising to make good on a second chance.

"It isn't just about prison," Moeller says. "It's about what happens after you get out of prison."

They hope society will realize that there are many inmates determined to keep their criminal past -- in their past.

"Taking advantage of programs, getting an education, " the same inmate tells KARE 11. "Making changes in my life so that I can make good on a second chance that I get."