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Centerville man invents 'GoBagIt' to speed up yard work

Glen Simonson recently launched GoBagIt—a product meant to help speed up yard work.

CENTERVILLE, Minn. -- A Centerville man has invented a new product to help make yard work quicker and easier.

A few years ago, Glen Simonson was raking leaves in his yard when he realized there had to be a better way.

"When I tried to get the leaves in the bag, hard to get them in there because the bag won't stay open. That was the main problem. So how do I keep the bag open to get the leaves in?" Simonson said.

After several versions, he came up with GoBagIt. The sturdy bag holder attaches to a handcart. It's adjustable so it can hold up all types and sizes of bags. The design allows the bags to stay wide open and makes it easier to clean up the yard—especially alone.

Credit: Heidi Wigdahl
A reusable nylon bag, attched to a GoBagIt.

When ready, you lay the handcart down and rake the leaves directly into the bag. Then tip it up when the bag is full.

"You just rake them in so it's not a strain on your back... You're not up and down and plus it reduces the time to fill your bag," Simonson said.

It can then be wheeled to the curb, compost, trailer, etc.

"So it makes it easy to move the bags around and get rid of the leaves," Simonson said.

It can also be used to clean up messes in a workshop or at a worksite. Simonson said GoBagIt launched on the website about three to four weeks ago.

"So it's a U.S.-made product and we got most of the... parts are made right here in the Twin Cities," he said.

GoBagIt costs $78.95. It can attach to a handcart but those are not sold through the company. They also have reusable nylon bags for $14.95. You can find it all on the GoBagIt website.

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